First Responders & Essential Workers

First responders and front-line providers care for our community in life-threatening situations. The emotional stress of this great responsibility often follows first responders’ home and impacts the mental health of our providers and civil servants.

Now more than ever, our doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters, and other essential workers are under immense pressure – making life-altering choices and bearing witness to the immediate impact of these choices, all the while enduring longer work hours and with fewer resources.

In response, The Therapist Group at Maria Droste Counseling Center is stepping in to support our Colorado heroes. Binta Cross, LCSW and Lorraine Lipson, LPC are committing to three free sessions to any essential workers (including food service workers) who request counseling services.

To make a telehealth appointment with Binta, Lorraine, or any of our experienced providers, please call Maria Droste Counseling Center’s Access Office at 303-867-4600 or emailing

We here at Maria Droste Counseling Center are committed to serving our whole community and will not turn anyone away because of payment. Thank you to our Essential Workers, our First Responders, and our Front-Line Providers for keeping us safe and healthy. We aim to support you in staying safe and healthy as well.

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If you would like to speak to a therapist about this subject, or about any other issue you may be experiencing, contact the Maria Droste Access Center at 303-867-4600.